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Pro-Line Blaster

Pro-Line Blaster

Features of Pro-Line Blaster

Pro-Line Blaster is compact and rotate/swing at high speed even at low pressure. Using them can improve your work efficiency, help reduce operating costs, and save energy!
Low Pressure Type is also available.

Pro-Line Blaster SUS Type

Pro-Line Blaster (SUS Type)

Pro-Line Blaster Low Pressure Type

Pro-Line Blaster (Low Pressure Type)

Specifications of Pro-Line Blaster
Model Number LAB-28(width)-SUS
LAB-28(width)-L(Low Pressure Type)
Dimensions Medium : W28 D85 H28
Wide : W35 D85 H35
Pinpoint : W20 D85 H20
Air Pressure 0.4 to 0.6MPa
0.25 to 0.4MPa(Low Pressure Type)
Air Flow Rate (at 0.5 MPa) 200 liters/min
140 liters/min (Low Pressure Type)
Dry Weight Approx. 30–35 grams
Approx. 25–26 grams(Low Pressure Type)
Connection Part R1/8
Application Example
Install to Automated Line
Prevention of contamination (Water/Foreign matter removal)
Removal of cutting chips in machining

Specifications and appearance of our products may change for the purpose of improvement without notice.

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