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Tapped Hole Cleaning Nozzle

Features of Tapped Hole Cleaning Nozzle

For finishing various drilling processes

This nozzle cleans chips and cutting fluid generated during the machining of blind holes and through holes. It rotates at high speed while injecting air from the tip of the long, narrow pipe-shaped nozzle. The air used is reduced to about 1/2 to 1/3 compared to conventional nozzles spraying in one direction.
The length of the metal nozzle tip is 50 mm or 100 mm, and nozzle diameters of 3.5 mm and 5 mm are available.

Tapped Hole Cleaning Nozzle

(Air Type)

Tapped Hole Cleaning Nozzle Tapped Hole Cleaning Nozzle
Specifications Tapped Hole Cleaning Nozzle (Standard Type, Air Type)
Nozzle dia. (mm) Tip length (mm) Full length (mm) Connection part
3.5 50 or 100 aprox. 200 or 250 R1/8
Model No.
CH- (Nozzle dia.) - (Tip length) - (Tip shape)

- The pictures/figures are of the development products. Actual products may vary.
- “-S” is added to the end of the model number for the Oblique cut type.
- The Oblique cut type has a nozzle diameter of 3.5 mm and a tip length of 50 mm.
- Our selling prices for all of the above products are the same, except for special order products.
*1 Slight center run-out may occur.

Application Example

  • Cleaning of chips and cutting fluid generated during the machining of blind holes and through holes.

Flyer Tapped Hole Cleaning Nozzle (PDF, 405 KB)


Features of Vortexer/VT-1500/VT-KD/VT-1000

Spray guns specialized for photocatalyst applications. Separated the spray gun and the bottle! (VT-1500/VT-KD)

VORTEXER is specialized in the application of ultrafine particles of various agents, such as photocatalysts, coatings, sterilizers, disinfectants, anti-mold agents, deodorants, and more.
VORTEXER can turn liquid agents into extremely fine particles, so it maximizes photocatalytic performance without wasting coating agents.

VT-1500 (w/ shoulder-strap) and VT-KD (waist-attachable) are separated from the bottle. They can use either at upward or downward angles, so improve workability when spraying onto ceilings or floors.

VT-1000 with 1 liter bottle attached (not separated) is also available.







Specs of Vortexer/VT-1500/VT-KD
Model Number VT-1500
Dimensions*1 Spray Gun : W70 D327 H175
Bottle w/ shoulder strap : W150 D175 H160
Waist attachable bottle : W100 D170 H190
Dry Weight*1 Spray Gun : Approx. 520 grams
Bottle w/ shoulder strap : Approx. 380 grams
Waist attachable bottle : Approx. 380 grams
Air Pressure 0.5MPa to 0.8MPa
Air Flow Rate 125 liters/min at 0.5 MPa
Atomization Quantity 0 to 40 milliliters/min at 0.5 MPa
Particle Size Approx. 3 to 5 micrometers
Container Capacity Bottle w/ shoulder strap : 1500 milliliters
Waist attachable bottle : 1000 milliliters
Fluid Type Liquid from weak acid to weak alkaline or water
Operating Temperature 10 to 50 °C (50 to 122 °F)
Connection Part Male coupler (CUPLA)

Values for the shoulder strap and the fluid tube are not included. The values are for the development machine and may differ from the actual product.

Application Example
Spraying deodorants, disinfectants, antifouling agents
Dust Removal, Draining, Drying, Cooling, and more.

Vortexer Series (VT-1000/1500/KD) Leaflet (PDF: Approx. 455 KB)

Jet Streamer

Features of Jet Streamer

Best for Hypochlorous Acid Water Spraying

Multiple ejection ports and air project solution as a mist.
Pull up the solution using the ejector effect and project it using air. Nozzle turns the solution to 10 – 250 micrometers particle, and project it up to 5 meters from the nozzle. Capable of spraying Hypochlorous Acid Water and Mild-Acidic/Alkaline solution. Great portability by the lightweight and small body. Need only Air or Power supply suitable for using anywhere.

Jet Streamer Example of use Jet Streamer
Model Name Jet Streamer (Compressor Integrated, AC Power Operated model)
Model Number JS-C-H
Dry Weight Approx. 2 kilograms (w/o power supply cable)
Power Source AC 100V
Particle Diameter approx. 25 to 250 micrometers
Fluid Type Weak-acid to Weak-alkali
Atomization Quantity Approx. 30 – 150 milliliters per minute
Injection distance Approx. 5 meters
Container Capacity 1.5 liters
Operating Temperature 5 to 35 °C (41 to 95 °F)
Optional Nozzles
Nozzle diameter : 0.4/0.65
Application Example
For disinfection, sterilisation, antibacterial and deodorant spraying
Pesticide spraying
Water Sprinkling

Jet Streamer / GR-STORM Leaflet (PDF: Approx. 330 KB)

Pro-Line Blaster

Features of Pro-Line Blaster

Pro-Line Blaster is compact and rotate/swing at high speed even at low pressure. Using them can improve your work efficiency, help reduce operating costs, and save energy!
Low Pressure Type is also available.

Pro-Line Blaster SUS Type

Pro-Line Blaster (SUS Type)

Pro-Line Blaster Low Pressure Type

Pro-Line Blaster (Low Pressure Type)

Specifications of Pro-Line Blaster
Model Number LAB-28(width)-SUS
LAB-28(width)-L (Low Pressure Type)
Dimensions Medium : W28 D85 H28
Wide : W35 D85 H35
Pinpoint : W20 D85 H20
Air Pressure 0.4 to 0.6MPa
0.3 to 0.5MPa(Low Pressure Type)
Air Flow Rate (at 0.5 MPa) 200 liters/min
140 liters/min (Low Pressure Type)
Dry Weight Approx. 31–36 grams
Approx. 25–27 grams(Low Pressure Type)
Connection Part R1/8
Application Example
Install to Automated Line
Prevention of contamination (Water/Foreign matter removal)
Removal of cutting chips in machining

Pro-Line Series Leaflet (PDF: Approx. 270 KB)

Universal Sonic Spray Cleaner

Features of Universal Sonic Spray Cleaner/PSG-FG-6317T

Integrated a small compressor and the Sonic Spray Cleaner

Universal Sonic Spray Cleaner is the all-in-one type pulse air cleaner equipped 0.75 kilowatts 2 compressors (2 horse power) and a 20 liters stainless steel tank.
Adopted one-touch exchange system for the nozzle part, so it is available to various applications.

What is Pulse Air?

Suitable for cleaning equipment of eateries and small factories!

By the effect of pulse air power, it can realize a strong cleaning capability at low pressure. It can remove the dirt from the places difficult to clean up, such grooves, gaps, dents and oil stains.

The Universal Sonic Spray Cleaner is the cleaning tool that washes with a mixture of water and air. The amount of water used is about 1/20 or less of high pressure washer and the pressure is low while maintaining the strong cleaning capability, so the aluminum fins do not deformed like the cases to damage the work by steam and high pressure washer.

Details of One Touch Nozzle Unit

Universal Sonic Spray Cleaner
Specifications of Universal Sonic Spray Cleaner
Model NameUniversal Sonic Spray Cleaner
Model NumberPSG-FG-6317T
DimensionsW500 D500 H960
Dry WeightApprox. 44 kilograms
Power SourceAC 100V
Maximum Output0.8MPa
Air Pressure0.4 to 0.7MPa
Tank Capacity20 liters(Maximum: Water 15, Air 5)
Operating Temperature10 to 50 °C (50 to 122 °F)
AccessoriesNone (Optional one-touch exchange nozzle )
Details of One Touch Nozzle Unit

Pen Type Brush Gun

Features of Pen Type Brush Gun

This is the small-diameter pen type brush gun which is suitable for detailed work such as dust or chip removal of small narrow gaps or in the groove.
Using the optional foot switch will dramatically improve the workability.







Specifications of Pen Type Brush Gun
Model Number SB-20S
Air Pressure 0.4 to 0.8MPa
Weight SB-20S : 76 grams
SB-35S : 85 grams
Brush Material Nylon
Connection Part R1/8

*We also have models with guns. (SGB-35S/SGB-20S)

Car Cleaning System Kit

Features of Car Cleaning System Kit

Advanced Car Detailing Tool Package

This is Package System for Car Detailing. We provide a total package of car cleaning system that consists of five GAREW products. GA-REW is a general cleaning equipment manufacturer. So, we can provide safe and high-performance collaboration products.

New car detailing products in the ecological age

You can start at low cost, and this well-collaborated system can help to improve your business. It does not use electric power without air compressor, so you can reduce operating costs. It is suitable for install to small workshop.

Each tool has a specially developed nozzle, and has powerful cleaning ability. Customer satisfaction will be improved with the great cleaning power. Each tool has high resource-saving capabilities. These new car detailing products are matched to the ecological age.

car detailing system kit
Car Cleaning System Kit : Spec.
Model NumberCD-6
Dimensions W58 D293 H80 (PV-3)
W55 D263 H170 (SGA-300S-SUS)
W37 D255 H170 (SGB-300-35)
W130 D327 H240 (VT-1000)
W120 D295 H260 (CD-AMG-W)
W50 D300 H180 (BC-10-2)
Dry WeightApprox. 300 grams to 1 kilogram
Air Pressure0.5 to 0.8 MPa(VT-1000, BC-10-2)
0.4 to 0.8 MPa
Fluid TypeNeutral (VT-1000, AMG-50, BC-10-2)
Fluid Consumption0 to 40 milliliters per minute (VT-1000)
10 liter per hour(BC-10-2)
Connection PartMale coupler (Cupla)
Operating Temperature10 to 50 °C (50 to 122 °F)

Application Example

Put your cursor on the picture and the explanation is displayed

Energy Saving Mechanical Swing Nozzle

Features of Energy Saving Mechanical Swing Nozzle

Specification Change Notice July 2021

Affected Products:
Mechanical Swing Nozzle
Model Number:
Description of Change:
Change the tube to a water-resistant tube (blue tube).
Customer Impact of Change:
There is no customer impact since there is no change in form, function, reliability, quality, and safety.
Reason for Change:
To improve water resistance.
Changeover Schedule:
Once the current stock has run out.

Air consumption is 1/3! Work efficiency is 3 times!!
compared with general flat nozzle.

Energy Saving Mechanical Swing Nozzle is a revolutionary air blow product. It can reduce the air consumption, and provide high efficiency work. In conventional wide-angle injection nozzle, the air is injected over wide-angle by extending the tip of the injection port. Because the energy is dispersed, it requires powerful air supply to realize a wide-angle injection.

In case of Energy Saving Mechanical Swing Nozzle, the reaction force of injection applies to toggle-mechanism. The nozzle swings to the left and to the right at high speed. Because it uses a single nozzle and its tip does not spread, it realizes a wide-angle injection efficiently. The swing angle is adjustable, and effective width of the air injection is approximately 300mm. (Actually, it is available to approximately 500mm.)

Mechanical Swing Nozzle (Nozzle Unit)

Nozzle Unit Type

Mechanical Swing Nozzle (with Gun)

with Gun Type

Energy Saving Mechanical Swing Nozzle : Spec.
Model NameEnergy Saving Mechanical Swing Nozzle
Model Number
Nozzle Unit
with Gun
Nozzle Diameter
Swing Angle
50 to 100 degrees
60 to 120 degrees
Dry Weight 35 grams (Nozzle Unit)
270 grams (wit Gun)
Air Pressure
0.4 to 0.6MPa
0.3 to 0.5MPa
Air Flow Rate
175 liters/min (at 0.4 MPa) to
215 liters/min (at 0.6 MPa)
130 liters/min (at 0.3 MPa) to
165 liters/min (at 0.5 MPa)
Operating Temperature10 to 50°C
Connection Part R1/8 (Nozzle Unit)
Male coupler (CUPLA) 1/4 (with Gun)

Application Example

Demonstration of Mechanical Swing Nozzle
  • Dust Removal
  • Draining
  • Drying
  • Applying Chemicals
  • Cooling
  • Install to Automated Line

Energy Saving Mechanical Swing Nozzle Leaflet (PDF: Approx. 200 KB)

Sonic Cleaner

Features of Sonic Cleaner

Whole Cleaning with a Cup of water! Easy Sonic Cleaning.

Sonic Cleaner is the nursing care apparatus cleaner, that is utilizing Ga-Rew technology, such as Tornado and Brush Gun. Detergent consumption is two to three grams per one wheelchair. Working hour is about ten minutes. It is possible to conduct Washing, Rinsing, Draining and Drying with one machine. Because the water is sprayed with a form of fine particle, you do not need to treat wastewater. It is possible to control spray on/off and fluid rate with the gun, so you can get great working efficiency.

Sonic Cleaner
Sonic Cleaner : Spec.
Model NameSonic Cleaner
Model NumberX-2-35-FB
DimensionsW140 D350 H340 (mm)
Dry Weight760 grams
Air Pressure0.5 to 0.8MPa
Air Flow Rate125 liter per minute at 0.5 MPa
Atomization Quantity0 to 40 milliliters per minute
Container Capacity400 milliliters
Operating Temperature10 to 50 °C (50 to 122 °F)
Connection PartMale coupler (Cupla)

Application Example

Sonic Cleaner 1
  • Cleaning of Nursing care Product, such as Wheelchairs and Beds
  • Maintenance of Nursing care products for lease
  • Washing of Fabric, Spoke and Spring
  • Also for Large Nursing care Beds and Electric Wheelchairs

Cleaning Gun with Static Electricity Removal Brush

Features of Cleaning Gun with Static Electricity Removal Brush

Static Electricity Removal Effect is added to Pulse Air and Brush Vibration

Cleaning Gun with Static Electricity Removal Brush is a cleaner to remove the sludge with the peeling effect of Pulse Air and Brush Vibration.

It can remove the dust on circuit board or plastics after processing, by means of double power of Pulse Air and Brush Vibration with Specialized Nozzle. Brush material is Monoeight (Conductive fibers), It is a nylon fiber with electroconductive plastics. It can be remove dust and static electricity at same time. And it is possible to keep away from dust.

The peeling effect of heavy blow of Pulse Air and minute vibration of the Brush can remove a swarf in the through-hole of the circuit board and can cleanse of cutting section after pressing.

What is Pulse Air?

Cleaning Gun with Static Electricity Removal Brush
Cleaning Gun with Static Electricity Removal Brush : Spec.
Model NumberSGB-300-35-CB (with Gun)
SB-300-35-CB (Nozzle Unit)
DimensionsW37 D265 H170 (mm) (with Gun)
W37 D170 H37 (mm) (Nozzle Unit)
Dry Weight320 grams (with Gun)
90 grams (Nozzle Unit)
Air Pressure0.4 to 0.8 MPa
Air Flow Rate175 liters per minute at 0.5 MPa
Brush MaterialConductive fibers
Operating Temperature10 to 50 °C (50 to 122 °F)
Connection PartMale coupler (Cupla)(with Gun)
R1/8 (Nozzle Unit)

Lens Cleaner

Features of Lens Cleaner

High Speed Cleaning with 2-micrometers Microfiber Brush

Lens Cleaner SGB-90-KV has a specially developed high speed rotating nozzle with aramid fiber brush.

The brush has 2-micrometers super fine fibers, and it rotates with the counteraction of the air spray. It can remove the dust without a scratch on the objects, such as lens, LED. The rotating diameter is adjustable corresponding to work.

Lens Cleaner
Lens Cleaner
Model NumberSGB-90-KV (with Gun)
SB-90-KV (Nozzle Unit)
DimensionsW24 D240 H170 (mm) (with Gun)
W22 D145 H22 (mm) (Nozzle Unit)
Air Pressure0.4 to 0.8 MPa
Air Flow Rate180 liters per minute at 0.5 MPa
Particle Diameter1 to 5 micrometers
Brush MaterialHeat resistant, high strength aramid fiber
Operating Temperature10 to 50 °C (50 to 122 °F)
Connection PartMale coupler (Cupla)(with Gun)
R1/8 (Nozzle Unit)

Application Example

  • Dust Removal and Cleaning of Lens, Sensor, LED

Tornado Micro Mist

Features of Tornado Micro Mist

It works only with the power of air compressor !

Tornado Micro Mist SPG-C1 is a small size pump up type spot cooler with a tripod. It works only the power of the air compressor. It can cool down by eight degrees from the ambient temperature nearby the nozzle. It has additional effect of anti-static and dust removal.

Compare to conventional pump type mist generator, particle diameter is fine (1 to 5 micrometers). (conventional type: around 20 micrometers).
Water consumption is maximum 40 milliliters per minute. It generates a large quantity of negative ion, and it has the effect of relaxation.

What is Pulse Air?

Tornado Micro Mist
Tornado Micro Mist : Spec.
Model NumberSPG-C1
Air Pressure0.5 to 0.8 MPa
Air Flow Rate130 liters per minute at 0.5 MPa
Particle Diameter1 to 5 micrometers
Atomization Quantity0 to 40 milliliters per minute
Operating Temperature10 to 50 °C (50 to 122 °F)
Connection PartMale coupler (Cupla)

Application Example

Atomizing with Microparticle
  • The Spot Cooler of large-scale plant, such as a shipyard
  • Spot Cooler in the Area treating a flammable substance
  • Settling the floating dust and antistatic in the workshop
  • Gas station (Petrol station)
  • Car Maintenance Workshop
  • Welding Workshop
  • Green space, Greenhouse and Rooftop Gardens

Water Mist (Direct-connect to Water Supply) : SPG-D1

Features of Water Mist (Direct-connect to Water Supply)

Generate a large amount of Fine Mist extensively with Specialized Nozzle

This mist generator is small and has simple mechanism. It is connected to existing water supply, and no need electric power without air compressor. It can generate super fine mist (The diameter is 5 to 10 micrometers.)

Because it sprays Pulse Air generated with specialized nozzle, it can generate a large amount of mist, and there are many good effects, such as cooling (maximum: cooling down the temperature by 5 degrees at 2 meters distance), removing static electricity, generating negative ion.

What is Pulse Air?

Water Mist (Direct-connect to Water Supply) thumbnail
Water Mist (Direct-connect to Water Supply)
Model NumberSPG-D1
Air Pressure0.5 to 0.8 MPa
Air Flow Rate130 liters per minute at 0.5 MPa
Particle Diameter5 to 10 micrometers
Atomization Quantity0 to 250 milliliters per minute
Operating Temperature10 to 50 °C (50 to 122 °F)
Connection PartMale coupler (Cupla)

* Tripod is optional.

Application Example

SPG-D1 In Operation
  • Under Roof Cooling of Event Site and Large Scale Plant
  • Spot Cooler in Shipyards and Gas Stations
  • Spot Air Conditioner in the Area treating a flammable substance
  • Settling the floating dust and antistatic in the workshop
  • Sprinkling in Green space, Greenhouse and Rooftop Gardens

Sonic Tornado(Microparticle Atomizing Nozzle : Handy Type)

Features of Sonic Tornado (Microparticle Atomizing Nozzle : Handy Type)

Fixing the chemical agents without binder

This Spray Gun can change the liquid chemical agents into fine mist (gasification), and fixing the agents without binder. It has specialized nozzle for coating and applying such as photocatalysts, various coating agents, deodorizer, disinfectant, and bactericide. It has wide range stepless adjustment mechanism. It is equipped flow rate adjustable valve and agents bottle(Note), and workability has been improved.

It can be applied to transparent materials such as glass, acrylic and polycarbonate.

(Note) : Because these products are fully custom-made, you can select with/without bottle, bottle capacity (100 to 250 mL), nozzle type (rotation / swing type).

sonic asu-spc-g


sonic sgr-90sp-c-g


Sonic Tornado : Spec.
Model Number ASU-90-SP-G
Dry Weight from 500 grams
Air Pressure0.5 to 0.8 MPa
Bottle Capacity100 to 250 milliliters
(with additional bottle)
Fluid TypeNeutral
Operating Temperature10 to 50 °C (50 to 122 °F)

Application Example

  • Titanium Dioxide Coating, application of UV care agents
  • Application of Sterilization, Disinfection, Deodorization and Anti-mold agents
  • Antistatic agent coating of plastic surface
  • Static electricity removal by Particle Atomizer

Air Blaster Mini

Features of Air Blaster Mini

Remove fine metal burrs and dust with Pulse Air

Powerful Type Air Shock Gun “Air Blaster” has been downsized. Air Blaster Mini can generate ultra high speed of 7000rpm at lower pressure (0.5MPa) than before. It can remove the dust powerfully, at lower energy. Nozzle cone has the stainless steel inner, so the life is extended than before.

It does not use brush (contactless), so you can remove the fine metal burrs, dust and chips without damaging on surface of your important work. It is also effective to dust removal and draining of three-dimensional objects, such as groove, gap, recess and mesh.

What is Pulse Air?

Air Blaster Mini nozzle unit

AB-2 (Nozzle Unit)

Air Blaster Mini

AB-2G (with Gun)

Air Blaster Mini : Spec.
Model Numberwith Gun : AB-2G
Nozzle Unit : AB-2
Dimensions (mm) W35 H218 D170 (with Gun)
W35 H130 D35 (Nozzle Unit)
Air Pressure0.4 to 0.8 MPa
Air Flow Rate180 liters per minute at 0.5 MPa
Operating Temperature10 to 50 °C (50 to 122 °F)
Connection PartMale coupler (Cupla)(with Gun)
R1/8 (Nozzle Unit)

Application Example

  • Dust removal
  • Draining
  • Drying
  • Cooling

Tornado Vacuum Cleaner : PV-3

Features of Tornado Vacuum Cleaner

Beating and Vacuuming with Pulse Air

Tornado Vacuum Cleaner is an easy-to-use cleaner for automotive seats, mats, etc.
Previously, to clean seats and mats, it takes time to suck with vacuum cleaner, after beat by air. Workers become dirty, and occasionally bitten by a tick.

By beating and suction at the same time, fine dirt is sucked before spreading. Vehicle can be easily cleaned by simply connecting to air supply. You can clean thick-piled object, such as seat cushions.

Beat the carpet with the power of Pulse Air

Some of general vacuum cleaners have beating mechanism, but Tornado Vacuum Cleaner has been significantly enhanced the efficiency of beating out with Pulse Air. Pulse Air reaches to the base of fibers, raise fibers and beat out dirt and dust. And simultaneously, vacuum the dust. Therefore, there is no dirt and scattering of dust.

What is Pulse Air?

Specialized for Car Cleaning : PV-3

PV-3 is specialized for Car Cleaning. So, in a narrow place, you can work more efficiently.
It is equipped three meter-long air hose and two types of nozzle. It also can vacuum in narrow space and corner of the car.
Using three kinds of adapters and mounting rings, you can attach it to most of general vacuum cleaners.

PV-3 thumbnail
Tornado Vacuum Cleaner (PV-3)
Model NumberPV-3
DimensionsW58 D293 H80 (mm) (with Normal Nozzle)
Dry Weight300 grams (with Normal Nozzle)
Air Pressure0.4 to 0.8 MPa
Air Flow Rate190 liters per minute at 0.5 MPa
Operating Temperature10 to 50 °C (50 to 122 °F)
Connection PartMale coupler (Cupla)
Optional PartExtension Hose

Application Example

Car Cleaning 1 Car Mat Cleaning
  • Car seat, car mats
  • Thick-piled Carpet

* This product is developed for the purpose of the removal of the stubborn dirt, such as fine dust, pet hair, tick and pollen. These kinds of dirt are difficult to suck with general vacuum cleaner.
So, please do not use as general vacuum cleaner, for example to suck cigarette ends in the ash tray.

Tornado Vacuum Cleaner Leaflet (PDF: Approx. 700 KB)

Brushing Cleaner : BC-10-2

Features of Brushing Cleaner

Wash oil and water stains with small amount of water

With double power of Brush vibration (6,000 times per minutes) and Pulse Air, Brush Cleaner can wash difficult dirt, such as stains, yellowing, oil stains and fur. It has a built-in self-priming pump, and can be used for dry cleaning same as Brush Gun, and also can be used for semi-dry cleaning, water cleaning, draining and drying. It can operate continuously for one hour with small amount of water (10 liter per hour).

What is Pulse Air?

It can wash stubborn dirt on the corrugated surface or in the gap in a short time. Dirt moved to the brush or the cone can be removed in the semi-dry process. (self-cleaning) By using this brush, your work efficiency will be improved significantly.

Brushing Cleaner thumbnail
Brushing Cleaner : Spec.
Model NumberBC-10-2
DimensionsW50 D300 H180 (mm)
Dry Weight600 grams
Air Pressure0.5 to 0.8 MPa
Air Flow Rate200 liters per minute at 0.5 MPa
Atomization Quantity10 liters per hour
Fluid TypeNeutral
Operating Temperature10 to 50 °C (50 to 122 °F)
Brush MaterialNylon
Connection PartMale coupler (Cupla)

Application Example

Wheel cleaning Car cleaning Case cleaning Wet Suit cleaning
  • Motorcycles, Automobiles, Heavy Machinery
  • Pretreatment of the photocatalyst spray, Aluminum sash
  • Shutters, screen doors, carpet
  • Cleaning of parting agent, Grease and Adhesive
  • Kitchen apparatus such as Range Food
  • Tractor, tiller, barn
  • Office Automation apparatus, Toys (stuffed animals, dolls)
  • Leather goods, such as footwear
  • Leisure goods, such as marine sports equipment

Brushing Cleaner Leaflet (PDF: Approx. 900 KB)

Adjustable Shock Gun

Features of Adjustable Shock Gun

Generate Extensive and Powerful Pulse Air with Specialized Nozzle

Adjustable Shock Gun can generate powerful pulse air with specialized nozzle. It is small and light weight, because it does not require any power except air compressor.

Adjustable Shock Gun can adjust rotating diameter and swing width of the nozzle to a wide range. It has excellent ability to dust removal and draining. Pulse air reaches to inside of grooves, gaps and dents, and removes water and stains.

Swing Type is suitable for clean up a case, which has complex structure, such as mesh, plane, groove, gap, and requires powerful air blow to remove the dirt. In addition, it works as an air scraper.
Rotation Type sprays powerful pulse air to a wide range, from small size point to large circle. It is suitable to clean up three-dimensional structures, such as corrugated surface, gaps and grooves.

What is Pulse Air?

ASU-90G thumbnail


SGR-90G thumbnail


Adjustable Shock Gun : Common Spec.
Model Number
Swing Type
ASU-90, ASU-110
ASU-90G, ASU-110G (with Gun)
Rotation Type
SGR-90G (with Gun)
Air Pressure0.4 to 0.8 MPa
0.3 to 0.5 MPa (ASU-90 and ASU-90G)
Operating Temperature10 to 50 °C (50 to 122 °F)
Connection Part without Gun - R1/8
with Gun - Male coupler (Cupla)
Swing Amplitude / Rotating Diameter
Swing Type : Amplitude
ASU-90/G : 90mm
ASU-110/G : 110mm
Rotation Type : Rotating Diameter
SGR-90/G : 20mm
Available range of the pulse
Swing Type
ASU-90/G : approx. 140 mm
ASU-110/G : approx. 180 mm
Rotation Type
SGR-90/G : approx. 80 mm

Application Example

Water Scrape Dust removal
  • Dust removal, draining, drying, cooling
  • Air scraper effect (Swing Type)

Deburring Brush Gun

Features of Deburring Brush Gun

Removal of fine burrs with double effect

Deburring Brush Gun is a fine burr remover for metals and plastics processing. It works with a shock wave of pulse air generated by specialized nozzle and high speed vibrating abrasive brush.

It can remove the fine burr and the fine powder, quickly and efficiently.

What is Pulse Air?

Remarkable durability, Specially Selected Brushes

The brush is mixed with abrasive grain of Alumina and Silicon Carbide based on nylon. This brush has excellent strength, durability, and has chemical resistance, and also has an excellent grindability.

SGB thumbnail

Gun Type

Deburring Brush Gun Nozzle Unit

Nozzle Unit Type

Deburring Brush Gun
Model Number
SB-A-0.3-45 (Nozzle Unit)
SB-A-0.4-50 (Nozzle Unit)
Silicon Carbide
SB-C-0.4-45 (Nozzle Unit)
SB-C-0.5-50 (Nozzle Unit)
DimensionsW37 D260 (265) H170 (with Gun)
W37 D165 (170) H37 (Nozzle Unit)
* Values in parentheses indicate the case of type 50.
Air Pressure0.4 to 0.8 MPa
Air Flow Rate175 liters per minute at 0.5 MPa
Operating Temperature10 to 50 °C (50 to 122 °F)
Dry Weight320 grams (with Gun)
90 grams (Nozzle Unit)
Connection PartMale coupler (Cupla)(with Gun)
R1/8 (Nozzle Unit)

Application Example (Cleaning)

  • Fine deburring of after molding of precision parts

Specifications and appearance of our products may change for the purpose of improvement without notice.

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