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Mechanical Swing Series

Features of Energy Saving Mechanical Swing Nozzle

Specification Change Notice July 2021

Affected Products:
Mechanical Swing Nozzle
Model Number:
Description of Change:
Change the tube to a water-resistant tube (blue tube).
Customer Impact of Change:
There is no customer impact since there is no change in form, function, reliability, quality, and safety.
Reason for Change:
To improve water resistance.
Changeover Schedule:
Once the current stock has run out.

Air consumption is 1/3! Work efficiency is 3 times!!
compared with general flat nozzle.

Energy Saving Mechanical Swing Nozzle is a revolutionary air blow product. It can reduce the air consumption, and provide high efficiency work. In conventional wide-angle injection nozzle, the air is injected over wide-angle by extending the tip of the injection port. Because the energy is dispersed, it requires powerful air supply to realize a wide-angle injection.

In case of Energy Saving Mechanical Swing Nozzle, the reaction force of injection applies to toggle-mechanism. The nozzle swings to the left and to the right at high speed. Because it uses a single nozzle and its tip does not spread, it realizes a wide-angle injection efficiently. The swing angle is adjustable, and effective width of the air injection is approximately 300mm. (Actually, it is available to approximately 500mm.)

Energy savings report (PDF 620 KB)

Mechanical Swing Nozzle (Nozzle Unit)

Nozzle Unit Type

Mechanical Swing Nozzle MS-60MS-60 Mechanical Swing Nozzle MS-70MS-70 Mechanical Swing Nozzle (with Gun)

with Gun Type

Energy Saving Mechanical Swing Nozzle : Spec.
Model NameEnergy Saving Mechanical Swing Nozzle
Model Number
Nozzle Unit
with Gun
Nozzle Diameter
Swing Angle
50 to 100 degrees
60 to 120 degrees
Dry Weight 35 grams (Nozzle Unit)
265 grams (wit Gun)
Dimensions (mm)
W28 D90 H15
W28 D180 H170
W28 D100 H15
W28 D190 H170
Air Pressure
0.4 to 0.6MPa
0.3 to 0.5MPa
Air Flow Rate
165 liters/min (at 0.4 MPa) to
195 liters/min (at 0.6 MPa)
130 liters/min (at 0.3 MPa) to
150 liters/min (at 0.5 MPa)
Operating Temperature10 to 50°C
Connection Part R1/8 (Nozzle Unit)
Male coupler (CUPLA) 1/4 (with Gun)

« Reference »
Mechanical Swing Nozzle Energy savings report (PDF 620 KB)

Conventional Flat Nozzle vs. Mechanical Swing Nozzle

Application Example

Demonstration of Mechanical Swing Nozzle
  • Dust Removal
  • Draining
  • Drying
  • Applying Chemicals
  • Cooling
  • Install to Automated Line

Energy Saving Mechanical Swing Nozzle (PDF 200 KB)

Water-resistant Mecha Swing Nozzle

Features of Water-resistant Mecha Swing Nozzle

Notice: The “Mechanical Swing Nozzle” tube has changed to the same nozzle as the “Water Resistant Mechanical Swing Nozzle.” They are now the same product.
Please use the “Mechanical Swing Nozzle” in the future. Aug. 2021

The Water-resistant Mecha Swing Nozzle is suitable for using in places that always get wet, such as a production line which drain water.

Water-resistant Mecha Swing Nozzle
Specifications of Water-resistant Mecha Swing Nozzle
Model Number MS-70-OW (Nozzle Unit)
MS-70G-OW (with Gun)
Air Pressure 0.3 to 0.5MPa
Air Flow Rate 150liters/min (at 0.5 MPa)
Dry Weight 38grams (Nozzle Unit)
268grams (with Gun)
Connection Part R1/8 (Nozzle Unit)
Male coupler (CUPLA) 1/4 (with Gun)

Mecha Swing Mist

Features of Mecha Swing Mist

It is a spray-type Mecha Swing Nozzle that can be sprayed fine particles widely. Compared with the conventional Tornado series, it can spray a large amount of mist. (amount of mist: approx. 300mL/min in maximum at 0.5MPa)

Mecha Swing Mist (Nozzle Unit)
Mecha Swing Mist (with bottle)
Mecha Swing Mist (Suction type)
Specifications of Mecha Swing Mist
Model Number MS-70-SP-C (Nozzle Unit)
MS-70-SP-B (with bottle)
MS-70-SP-C-VPL (Suction type)
Air Pressure 0.5 to 0.8MPa
Air Flow Rate 195liters/min (at 0.5 MPa)
Amount of Mist 300mL/min (at 0.5 MPa)
Dry Weight 45grams (Nozzle Unit)
220grams (Suction type)
Connection Part R1/8 (Nozzle Unit)
Male coupler (CUPLA) 1/4

* The pictures were taken when the products were still under development.
The actual products may look different.

Specifications and appearance of our products may change for the purpose of improvement without notice.

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