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Tornado Cleaner

Features of Tornado Cleaner

Tornado Cleaner is an easy-to-use cleaner for seats, mats, etc. By beating and suction at the same time with Pulse Air, the thick-piled mat can be cleaned easily.

What is Pulse Air?

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Tornado Vacuum Cleaner

This can removes the dust, such as fine dust, pet hair, tick and pollen from the thick-piled fabrics by beating and suction at the same time with Pulse Air.

Beating and Suction at the same time with Pulse Air

Tornado Vacuum Cleaner is an easy-to-use cleaner for automotive seats, mats, etc.
Previously, to clean seats and mats, it takes time to suck with vacuum cleaner, after beat up by air. Workers become dirty, and occasionally bitten by a tick.

By beating and suction at the same time, fine dirt is sucked before spreading. Vehicle can be easily cleaned by simply connecting to air supply. You can clean thick-piled object, such as seat cushions.

Pulse Air Raises the Pile of the Carpet

Some of general vacuum cleaners have beating mechanism, but Tornado Vacuum Cleaner has been significantly enhanced the efficiency of beating out with Pulse Air. Pulse Air reaches to the base of fibers, raise fibers and beat out dirt and dust. And simultaneously, vacuum the dust. Therefore, there is no dirt and scattering of dust.

What is Pulse Air?

Specialized for Car Cleaning : PV-3

PV-3 is specialized for Car Cleaning. So, in a narrow place, you can work more efficiently.
It is equipped three meter-long air hose and two types of nozzle. It also can vacuum in narrow space and corner of the car.
Using three kinds of adapters and mounting rings, you can attach it to most of general vacuum cleaners.





Tornado Vacuum Cleaner : Spec.
Type PV-2
Dimensions PV-2:W58 D300 H210(with Normal Nozzle)
PV-3:W58 D293 H80(with Normal Nozzle)
Air Pressure 0.4 to 0.8 MPa
Air Flow Rate 190 l/min at 0.5 MPa
Weight PV-2:480 g(with Normal Nozzle)
PV-3:300 g(with Normal Nozzle)
Connection Part Male Coupler:1/4
Application Example
Car seat, car mats
Thick-piled Carpet

Tornado Vacuum Cleaner

(not included Vacuum Cleaner)

the dust is sucked with Tornado Cleaner, after sucked with general vacuum cleaner

(the dust is sucked with Tornado Cleaner, after sucked with general vacuum cleaner)

Cleaning of Car Seat

(PV-3 Cleaning of Seat)

Cleaning of Car Mat

(PV-3 Cleaning of Mat)

About difference between PV-2 and PV-3

PV-2 can control the on/off of Pulse Air with the trigger on the Air Gun.
PV-3 is specialized for cleaning in narrow space such as vehicles, so it is very compact. It has an air tube of 2 meters long. The Pulse Air is controlled by the valve.

This product is developed for the purpose of the removal of the stubborn dirt, such as fine dust, pet hair, tick and pollen. These kinds of dirt are difficult to suck with general vacuum cleaner.
So, please do not use as general vacuum cleaner, for example to suck cigarette ends in the ash tray.

Tornado Vacuum Cleaner (PDF 700 KB)

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Tornado Mist Cleaner

In addition to the function of conventional Tornado Vacuum Cleaner, (it can beat and suck at the same time,) this type has the function of spraying the particle of water, and suction with the vacuum cleaner to remove the stains and dirt on the fabrics.

Using the water of fine particle, and using small amount of water, the water hardly soak into fabrics, and the fabrics dries fast. You can also use the detergent and alkaline ionized water as well as tap-water. As same as conventional Tornado Vacuum Cleaner, it can be used for dry-cleaning. You can wash the vehicle seat easily.



Tornado Mist Cleaner : Spec.
Type CD-TMC-4
Air Pressure 0.5 to 0.8 MPa
Spray Amount 0 to 250 mL/min
Weight approx.1 kg
Connection Part Male Coupler: 1/4
Accessories Suction Head: 2type, Hose Adapter : 2type

(Note1):not included Vacuum Cleaner and Water Tank
(Note2):Please use the Vacuum Cleaner it can be used for Wet and Dry.

Application Example
Vehicle Seat
Thick-piled mat
Stain removal on the carpet

Cleaning of Carpet

(Cleaning of the Carpet)

Carpet Cleaning with Tornado Mist Cleaner

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