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Air Conditioner Cleaner

The minimum order number is ten, because this is order made product.

Air Conditioner Pulse Cleaner : IP-4 / 7 / 12

Features of Air Conditioner Pulse Cleaner

Air Conditioner Pulse Cleaner

Pulse Air and Super High Speed Particle of Water attack Dirt!!

This is the Pulse Cleaner for Air Conditioner. Water or detergent in the tank is mixed with the air of compressor, and sprayed with a form of pulse by the nozzle. Water scale is removed by the pulse.

With the accessory nozzle, you can wash the washing machine drum, mold and water scale in the bathroom.

What is Pulse Air?

What is Pulse Cleaning?

Not a General High Pressure Washing! Mixture of Air and Water

In case of general high pressure washer, soft object like aluminum-fin may be deformed. It uses a lot of water, and it is difficult to collect the wasted water.

The Air Conditioner Pulse Cleaner washes the dirt off with mixture of air and water. The water consumption is 1/10 as compare to general high pressure washing. Because of the low pressure, soft object like an aluminum-fin does not deform. Draining and Drying after washing can be switched with simple operation.

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Air Conditioner Pulse Cleaner : Spec.
DimensionW180 D180 H330W180 D180 H570W220 D220 H570
Tank Capacity4 liters7 liters12 liters
Air PressureMax. 0.4 MPa
Air Flow Rate78 L/min
Water Flow Rate0 to 0.8 L/min (Water or Detergent)
Wall-mounted Type
Detergent 3 liters, Water 7 liters
Ceiling Cassette Type
Detergent 7 liters, Water 12 liters
Compressor100V 400W (Weight 11 kg)
AccessoriesCompressor, Pistol Valve, Air Hose, Air Conditioner Nozzle, Washing machine Nozzle, Mold remove Nozzle

The minimum order number is ten, because this is order made product.

Specifications and appearance of our products may change for the purpose of improvement without notice.

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