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Ultimated Tool for Garlic Peeling!

Air blaster mini shaped like a white trumpet
Illustration of garlic peeling by Air blaster mini. Instantly remove thin skin. Illustration of spilling garlic by hand

Garlic Peeling with Air Blaster Mini

Air blaster shaped like a long nose black trumpet
AB-2 SA-300S-32-SUSE
Dimensions (mm)
W35 H123 D35 W28 H142 D28
Air Pressure
0.4 to 0.8 MPa 0.4 to 0.9 MPa
Air Flow Rate (at 0.5 MPa)
210 L/min 200 L/min
Graph for Air Effective Range
Graph for Air Consumption
Compared to Air Blaster, the nozzle is shorter and the air effective range is wider. Compared to Air Blaster Mini, Since the opening is small and the air pressure is a little higher than others, the rotation speed is high and more powerful air blow is applied to the pinpoint.

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