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Air Blaster Mini

Features of Air Blaster Mini

Remove fine metal burrs and dust with Pulse Air

Powerful Type Air Shock Gun "Air Blaster" has been downsized. Air Blaster Mini can generate ultra high speed of 7000rpm at lower pressure (0.5MPa) than before. It can remove the dust powerfully, at lower energy. Nozzle cone has the stainless steel inner, so the life is extended than before.

It does not use brush (contactless), so you can remove the fine metal burrs, dust and chips without damaging on surface of your important work. It is also effective to dust removal and draining of three-dimensional objects, such as groove, gap, recess and mesh.

What is Pulse Air?

Air Blaster Mini nozzle unit

AB-2 (Nozzle Unit)

Air Blaster Mini

AB-2G (with Gun)

Air Blaster Mini
Typewith Gun: AB-2G
Nozzle Unit: AB-2
Dimensions (mm) AB-2G: W35 H218 D170
AB-2: W35 H130 D35
Air Pressure0.4 to 0.8 MPa
Air Flow Rate 180 L/min at 0.5 MPa
Operating Temperature10 to 50 °C (50 to 122 °F)
Connection PartAB-2G: Male Coupler
AB-2: R1/8

Application Example

  • Dust removal
  • Draining
  • Drying
  • Cooling

Peeling of Garlic with Air Blaster Mini (Approx. 1 min.)

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