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Shock Gun Series

Adjustable Shock Gun

Features of Adjustable Shock Gun

Generate Extensive and Powerful Pulse Air with Specialized Nozzle

Adjustable Shock Gun can generate powerful pulse air with specialized nozzle. It is small and light weight, because it does not require any power except air compressor.

Adjustable Shock Gun can adjust rotating diameter and swing width of the nozzle to a wide range. It has excellent ability to dust removal and draining. Pulse air reaches to inside of grooves, gaps and dents, and removes water and stains.

Swing Type is suitable for clean up a case, which has complex structure, such as mesh, plane, groove, gap, and requires powerful air flow to remove the dirt. In addition, it works as an air scraper.
Rotation Type sprays powerful pulse air to a wide range, from small size point to large circle. It is suitable to clean up three-dimensional structures, such as corrugated surface, gaps and grooves.

What is Pulse Air?

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Adjustable Shock Gun : Common Spec.
Swing Type
ASU-90, ASU-110-S
ASU-90G, ASU-110G-S (with Gun)
Rotation Type
SGR-90G (with Gun)
Air Pressure0.4 to 0.8 MPa
0.3 to 0.5 MPa (ASU-90, ASU-90G)
Air Flow Rate180 L/min at 0.5 MPa
Operating Temperature10 to 50 °C
Connection Part without Gun - R1/8
with Gun - Male Coupler:1/4
Swing Amplitude / Rotating Diameter
Swing Type : Amplitude
ASU-90/G : 90mm
ASU-110-S/G-S : 110mm
Rotation Type : Rotating Diameter
SGR-90/G : 20mm
Available range of the pulse
Swing Type
ASU-90/G : approx. 140mm
ASU-110-S/G-S : approx. 180mm
Rotation Type
SGR-90/G : approx. 80mm

Application Example

  • Dust Removal, Draining, Drying, Cooling
  • Air Scraper Effect (Swing Type)

Adjustable Shock Gun Flyer (PDF: Aprox. 820 KB)

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