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Optional Nozzle Unit

This page introduces the Optional Nozzle Unit. These Nozzle Units are for PSG-FG, PSG-FG-6317T, SPT-10T and SPT-10P-3B.
Please choose depending on the shape of the work and the application.

Optional Nozzle Unit

Optional Nozzle Unit

This is General Pinpoint Nozzle.
Flexible Nozzle
This nozzle is flexible. It is suitable for narrow and tortuous spaces.
Swing Nozzle
This swing nozzle can be cleaned objects efficiently by wide-angle injection.
Adjustable Shock Gun
This is adjustable from a narrow range to a wide range and available for various shapes. It has the Rotation Type SGR-90-SP-P and the Swing Type ASU-110-P.
Shock Gun
This is effective for cleaning of three-dimensional structures, such as corrugated surface, gaps and grooves.
This is effective for non-contact cleaning of tough stains.
General Cleaning Brush Gun
This nylon brush removes dirt with sonic vibration. It is also available for rinsing and semi-dry cleaning.
Precision Cleaning Brush Gun
It has high density nylon brush, it can be changed only brush part. It is available for rinsing, cleaning of precision equipment, food-related equipment and interior of the vehicle. It can be used for semi-dry cleaning.
Mousse Gun
This can change the agents to mousse. It is available for cleaning of wall or ceiling where the detergents drip, and for removing tough oil stains by applying foam detergents.

Specifications and appearance of our products may change for the purpose of improvement without notice.

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