The regulator cannot be found in the dynamo case! : BMW R51/2 Restoration (12)

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Disassembled the dynamo

There were no current and voltage regulator that there should be originally when I disassembled the DC dynamo.

Come to think of it, incorporating a mechanical regulator in such a small space... Amazing German!

All I did at the moment is derusting of the dynamo, cleaning of the commutator and the carbon brushes, and the exchanging the ball bearings.
FYI, this dynamo’s power generation amount is 45W at best.

dynamo (1) dynamo (2)

The axis of the dynamo has decentering to the case, so there is a stator coil only at one side.

The upper sprocket is the dynamo shaft.

When moving the dynamo and the left and right cam shaft by the power of the crank shaft, the chain become slack.

Therefore, adjust the slack by using decentering of the dynamo shaft, it has given a moderate tension to the chain.
That’s why it has decentering. This structure shows the rationality of German.


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