From expensive hairpin type springs (R51) to general coil springs (R51/2)! : BMW R51/2 Restoration (14)

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R51/2 engine The push rods

The push rods are high-speed revolutions type, shorter than R51/3.
It is because of R51/2 has twin camshaft.

R51/2 R51/3

There are 6 studs attached to the cylinder case of R51/2 because it has diverted the crankcase in the prewar.

The piston connecting rod, etc.

This motorcycle had severe damage to the right crankcase and the piston connecting rod, so there were traces of repair.

As overhaul of this engine, I did carbon removal of the piston and replace of the piston ring.
FYI, the piston ring and the piston are .060 oversized.
There are 5 piston rings as same as genuine parts. (Not in the picture.)

Do I have to replace whole cylinder sleeve in next overhaul?

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