It was the cause of the problem! : BMW R51/2 Restoration (15)

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This time is overhaul around the transmission.

First, I drained old oil.
And then, sludge-like liquid has dripped!

I opened the transmission casing to find the cause.

Half of the casing was filled with brown sludge!
Also, the whole gear was covered with red rust and looked miserable. Of course, the bearings were dried and noisy.

What is this sludge?

Bearing (1) Bearing (2) Bearing (3)


Route of rainwater

I considered like this./I reached this consideration.
The rain water was infiltrated to the gear case from the speedometer gradually, and then mixed up with the gear oil.

I only did replacement of the bearings and the seals because the gear had no damage fortunately.

Finished cleaning (1) Finished cleaning (2)

Next time is overhauling of the clutch.

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