This time is overhaul around the transmission.

First, I drained old oil.
And then, sludge-like liquid has dripped!

I opened the transmission casing to find the cause.

R51/2 engine The push rods

The push rods are high-speed revolutions type, shorter than R51/3.
It is because of R51/2 has twin camshaft.

I want to talk about wheel hubs and spokes this time.

Front (single sided hub)

Front (single sided hub)

Rear (double sided hub)

Rear (double sided hub*)

Disassembled the dynamo

There were no current and voltage regulator that there should be originally when I disassembled the DC dynamo.

Come to think of it, incorporating a mechanical regulator in such a small space... Amazing German!

I will start the overhaul of the front forks.


Battery space looked like the nest of the mouse.

20140604101253.JPG 20140604101452.JPG

Compared the crankcases of R51/3 and R51/2.

Compared the crankcases of R51/3 and R51/2

Totally different!

I removed all the parts from the frame, Huh? something is different!? When comparing with my former R51 (restored 10 years ago)…

R51 has adopted EZ steer for triple tree of front fork to set the sidecar.

EZ steer (triple tree)

It has special structure that more you turn the steering, the trail length decreases.
Normal triple tree shaft is parallel to the fork, but the upper part of R51/2 is a little tilted as can be seen in the picture.
The reason is...

I can’t remove the shaft of the plunger suspension of the rear!
It may cause damage to the frame by warming with burner, so I hold it as a last resort.

At first, I sprinkled lubricant and leave it overnight but it didn't work.